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Keep Wounds Clean, Covered & Protected with First Aid Wound Care Dressings

Did you know that wounds generally heal better in a clean, moist, and protected (covered) environment?

That's because an uncovered wound dries out and forms a scab. Scabs actually slow the healing process. They act as a barrier, making it harder for healthy new skin cells to form new tissue. Another good reason to use a first aid cover, gauze or wound dressing over a wound is that a covered wound is less likely to leave a scar.

Thickness, Absorbency, and Non-Stick are very important key features of BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products covers. Here's why:

  • Thickness—thicker covers and gauze help wounds heal by cushioning and protecting them from re-injury
  • Absorbency—more absorbent covers pull excess fluids away from the wound site, helping to lower the risk of infection
  • Non-Stick—with HURT-FREE® design, these pads are proven in a clinical study to not stick to wounds

Available First Aid Covers, Gauze and Wound Care Dressings