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Post-Surgery Wound Healing, Care, & Treatment Guide

Post-Surgery Wound Healing, Care, & Treatment  Guide

Recovering from surgery can be tough at times. At the beginning of the surgical wound care process, those recovering from surgery are well taken care of by medical professionals. But when patients get home, it is often up to them, their friends, family, and caretakers to be educated and make sure their wound is healing properly.

31% of infections occur post-surgery in America each year.* That’s more than 5 million people every year. So how do those recovering from surgery avoid infection?

*Surgical site infection (SSI) event among healthcare associated infections in hospitalized patients (and then add reference to CDC article attached)

Preventing infection starts with simple, post-surgery wound care education. Once a patient leaves the care of a healthcare practitioner and returns home, BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products are here to help. From our wound care education tools, like the JOHNSON & JOHNSON WOUND CARE RESOURCE™ App and Nurse Hotline, to our wound care products , BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products are here to help patients take control of their post-surgery wound care.

Use these guides to help with post-surgery wound healing, treatment and care education:

5 Post-Surgery Wound Care Tips for Continued Care

  • Start by keeping the surgical incision elevated above the heart, post-surgery. This helps to promote wound healing and reduce pain and swelling.
  • Make sure to never pull on staples, stitches, surgical glue, or medical tape. This can really setback recovery time.
  • Make sure to reinforce to avoid itching or scratching the wound. If a wound itches non-stop, ask a doctor about itch relief medication.
  • If there is bleeding at the site of the incision, apply pressure to the wound for at least five minutes using a clean towel or tissue. If bleeding continues, contact a doctor or go to the nearest hospital emergency room for care.
  • Don’t know what products are needed? Download the JOHNSON & JOHNSON WOUND CARE RESOURCE™ App to track wound healing, and get suggestions on which wound care products will help with the healing process.

Download the Wound Care Resource App:

Need more information? Call our nurse hotline at 1-800-526-3967 Monday through Friday (8am-8pm) to talk to a nurse and discuss the best treatment for wounds, or consult with a doctor if there are any additional questions.