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Wound Care Information and Resources

In addition to the wound care information that you have found on this site, there are numerous resources available that will keep you informed on how to treat your wounds. Listed below are tools and resources with valuable information.

First Aid Emergency Phone Number List

Every second counts in a medical emergency. The makers of BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products have designed a convenient printable phone number list to hang on your refrigerator, by the phone, or where ever it is most easily accessed. This allows you to have all of the most important phone numbers in one place so they can be quickly located, giving you easy access to healthcare professionals that you may need to consult in an emergency.

Evaluate Your Needs Tool

Every wound is unique. Use this tool to help guide you to find the right product for your specific wound care needs.

Other Online Resources

The makers of BAND-AID® Brand of First Aid Products are part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies, which manufacture and market thousands of products that cover a wide range of diseases and conditions. With more than 200 operating companies in 57 countries, many of our sister companies offer products or services that may be of interest to you.

ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses - Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, Inc. offers information on eye health (including diabetic retinopathy), vision correction, and which ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lens is right for you.

AVEENO® Brand Skin Care Products - Skin care products made from nature's finest ingredients.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages - Learn more about cleaning and treating wounds, First Aid education, and tips on healing.

IMODIUM® Products - Information about digestive health, travel tips, and product information.

MYLANTA® Products - Information on heartburn, gas, and osteoporosis.

MOTRIN® Products - For more than 23 years, doctors have prescribed the medicine in non-prescription MOTRIN® IB to fast and effectively relieve many kinds of pain from headaches and muscle aches to minor arthritis pain, sore throat and fever.

NEUTROGENA® Brand Products - Dermatologist-recommended Neutrogena products offer a wide variety of options for facial cleansing, moisturizing, and treating dry skin, sun care, acne care, and hair care. Find a personal e-ValuationSM to help you with your skincare needs.

PEPCID® Products - Recipes and heartburn resources.

TYLENOL® Products - Find health articles and product information on adult and children's Tylenol Products.